Saturday, October 6, 2007


This one's probably a bit too obscure, unless you're an MST3K nerd.


Fredrik Sibe said...

Hey, I don't recognize ANY of the characters you'de done since Animal Man, but they look cool, so keep 'em coming.

Mark Welser said...

017 = Frankenberry (cereal guy)
018 = Count Chocula (cereal guy)
019 = Boo Berry (cereal guy)
020 = Character in From Beyond (awesome movie)
021 = My Pet Monster (80s kids toy)
022 = Manos: the Hands of Fate (shitty movie)
023 = Jason Voorhees (you know this guy, right?)

Fredrik Sibe said...

Yeah I kinda sorta knew Count Chocula, and My Pet Monster looked strangely familiar.
Jason, I remember.

Nick said...

A cult of weird, horrible people who gather beautiful women only to deface them with a burning hand!